Social media has changed the landscape of businesses in today’s world in so many ways. One of the most important has been our newfound obsession with communication. Society now demands easy access to accurate, timely and relevant information.

Companies spend a lot of time and money on marketing strategies, designed to keep their customers educated about their latest products and influence them as to why they should be the brand of choice. Often though, they forget to do the same with their own workforce. This in itself, can present a risk to any business. After all, if employees aren’t informed and are left to piece the puzzle together themselves, how will they really know what the strategy is, the goals that need to be achieved and how they can contribute to success?

This is where we can help – our teams work with clients to deepen their relationships between leadership teams and employees, meaning everyone is on the same page, everyone is clear on the part they play, what needs to be achieved and why. This reduces dis-engagement, increases advocacy and loyalty and can also reduce inefficiencies in the workplace. Rather than a ‘nice to have’, internal communications should always form a central part of any project that businesses undertake.

If you have a project where you need to maximise employee advocacy, then please do get in touch.