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Showoff Membership – Learn to write your own marketing content

At Showoff, we’ve been helping businesses all over the world with their marketing content for years. From website wording to blogs and marketing literature, we’ve worked on it all. Let’s face it, the team at Showoff are total content geeks. Cool geeks yes, but still geeks. But, not all businesses can afford to hire a geeky, professional writer.
So, we came up with the ingenious (braggy statement alert) idea to help business owners learn to write their own content. We wanted to do it in a way that was fun, easy, helped them to get their unique message across and enabled them to stand out from their competition. So, we launched Showoff Membership. A place for people to learn to write their own content. Simples. Delivered weekly, in bite-sized 1-hour chunks, and all for just £20 per month. We believe that even the smallest business can benefit from really well-written content and see growth in their sales. And if you can do it yourself? Well, your accountant will be high fiving you all the way.

Just in case you needed a little persuasion...

Things that are more enjoyable than writing your own marketing content (when you don’t know how)…
  • Stubbing your toe at high speed, in front of children, so you can’t swear.
  • Sitting in a 5 mile traffic jam, in August. With no air con.
  • Being asked to ‘tell me about yourself’ on a first date.
  • Occupying 578th place in a call centre queue, listening to ‘hold music greatest hits’.
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The good news is that signing up to a Showoff membership will teach you how to write your own marketing content AND make it fun. When we say fun, we’re not quite on the same level of Disneyland fun. Not yet anyway. No-one can be that fun. But, we will help you to learn how to create your own marketing content plan, show you the tricks of the trade when it comes to writing and give you lots of scrumptious information about how to find your brand voice. We’ll make it an easy experience with support every step of the way and with a splash of humour thrown in. We’ll help you to Showoff (see what we did there), even in busy markets.

Here are just some of the benefits of being a Showoff member:

No more trawling the internet for freebie tutorials with inconsistent messages, no clear structure or action plan and the danger of getting side-tracked by fun videos of cats stuck in vases.
A membership fee of just £20 per month. With a copywriter charging around £350 per day, you can become your own writing ninja (no backflips required).
A lovely bunch of tutors who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and who want to share their knowledge with you. You’re welcome.
A maximum of 1 hour learning each week, delivered electronically straight to your inbox. You can learn when it’s convenient for you and have time for all the other cool stuff you want to do (like watching a cat in a vase video).
Access to our closed Facebook Group where you can ask questions, tell us about your successes and be part of a really cool group of people.

How to sign up and become a Showoff member

We’ve made it super simple to sign up. Just hit one of the buttons below and you’ll be magically transported via our payment portal (PayPal). We’ll automatically take your membership fee each month, so it’s super easy and completely hassle free. And of course, you can cancel whenever you want to. Although, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to…

So, mystery website visitor, are you ready? Ready to come and join our membership? Ready to take your marketing content to a whole new level?

It’s your time to Showoff.

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If you’d like to experience some of the super duper content we share in our learning modules, you can download your FREE sample here.

Monthly Membership £20 Per Month

Yearly Membership £200