Written Communication Strategy

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice in writing has the same meaning as it does for verbal communication. It’s not what you write, but how you write it. A Tone of Voice guide will outline your brand values and how your writing will align to them. It includes the style of writing – friendly, formal, jargon-free etc and includes the types of words and phrases to use. We can work with you to develop a Tone of Voice guide for your brand, meaning that anyone who writes for your business will always be on the same page. We have more information about the benefits of a Tone of Voice guide on our blog.

Written Communication Audit

Spending time in your business, we’ll review every single piece of written communication you have – email and letter templates, promotional material, websites, social media posts, presentations, absolutely everything! Our eagle eyes will spot anything that doesn’t align to your brand values and Tone of Voice guide and best of all, we’ll rewrite them for you. You can then be safe in the knowledge that every piece of written communication is perfectly on brand.

Communications Strategy

We can work with you on projects to deepen the relationships between your leadership teams and employees, delivering focused and effective internal communications strategies. These plans lead to everyone being on the same page, clear on the part they play in the business, what needs to be achieved and why. This reduces dis-engagement, increases advocacy and loyalty and can also reduce inefficiencies in the workplace. Rather than a ‘nice to have’, internal communications should always form a central part of any project that businesses undertake. You can read more about the benefits of a good communication strategy here.